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I wonder about life
Never figured it out
Don't know exactly why
I still feel unsure
The more I try
The less I understand
It gets so frustrating
I am just curious
About this feeling
I am lost
And no one can help

Caught with a dilusion
We are just repition
The sun goes up everyday
Life does not vary
Lost in one state
Nothing to help me
Never change my sense of confusion

Life can make me
Life can break me
No more pressure
Or I will break
I have no sanity
You make fun of me
I'm not like you
I don't want you
I'm not your friend
I'm not like them
Your a has been


You are nothing
Your stupid actions
I'm so confused
When you see
What mine have
Then judge me
But not before
The confusion of you
Fucks with me
Leave me now
I don't care how


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