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Sky's the Limit

You can quit lookin'
Cause my DJ's cookin'
He's running us a phat beat
He'll kick ya in the street
He smokes grass
While lookin' for ass
He can drop a rhyme anywhere, anytime
But you can't stop his flow on a dime
He's runnin' it off like it ain't no thing
In the DJ world they bow down to the king
Sit you ass down and then you'll know
Here comes the king, DJ Skilow!

He's scratchin', he's mackin'
Cause he's always stackin'
Up them beats for this band
Simply because Skilow can
So you can keep your wacked shit
And back off cause Sky's the limit

He just don't stop
rockin' this spot
He's scratchin' I'm rhymin'
Like we ain't got no time and
We lookin' for help
So we can put you on a shelf
We endin' it here cause there ain't no time
When we're done ya better build a shrine
And bow down to the ultimate band
Struxture will be the one's runnin' this land
Your weak shit always, and we say so
We got the ultimate DJ Skilow!

Repeat Chorus X2

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